Pregnant Victim with Zombie Baby

by: Tsana Gregory

Pregnant Lady with Zombie Baby

This picture is a school project I did in 4th semester for an application assignment. I did a body cast on my friend in the picture, sculpted the whole piece, molded the piece, then applied and painted the piece to match my friends skin tone.

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the walking dead

by: Midalia Dominguez

I was a normal person, a person with talent a person that had the ability the vibe the talent to do anything but the more i watch zombie mobies a little part of me started changing, so i started feeling a little diffrent i was starting to forget thinks little by little and no longer can remember the talented skills and now as iam sitting here typing this, i have become a walking dead zombie

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Bub Learns His Fate…

by: Frost

Zombie Bub Learns His Fate

Backstage at a live Halloween event, “Night of the Living Dead ~The Musical” One of the characters learns his fate in a book…

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splitting headache

by: jason perez (ME)

zombie with a headache

this is what happens when you don’t damage the brain of a zombie, they keep walking….
i was attacked by some zombies at my tattoo shop. i thought the guys wanted some tattoos, until they jumped me. i slowly turned into this creature of the living dead. while i was attacking some unsuspecting victims, somebody hit my in the head. bad news is, they didnt hit me hard enough to destroy my decaying brain. i attacked his ass and made him a fellow undead walker like me….. Happy Halloween!!

i did my own make w very lil help, that was the hard part. after a day of painting everybody else, i was braindead and couldnt think of what to do for myself. then it hit me…. lol

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Just some zombie wedding fun

by: Breanna Beck

zombie wedding

This was taken at my sisters wedding decided to have some fun with it

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Walking Dead Ultimate Fan – Always Number One Fan Contest!

by: DangRabbit Photography

We recently entered The Walking Dead’s Ultimate Fan – Always One of Kind – Contest. During my husband’s 50th birthday celebration, we got my neice and nephew, along with our son and his fiance, dressed in Zombie garb and filmed this little video. My daughter and I did the makeup, though admittedly we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked!

A side-note: Later in the day, our son proposed to his girlfriend, and she became his fiance on the very same day!

Please VOTE FOR US! – follow this link to go to Facebook and Vote
Each time you vote you also can enter to win an exclusive Walking Dead Dr. Pepper T-Shirt – and YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY!


Walking Dead Ultimate Fan Contest

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The Trip – Zombie Book Trailer

by: Tim Morgan (writer, director, all around nice guy)

Meghan is a senior in high school. For her senior summer, she’s planned the journey of a lifetime with her two friends: they will take a cross-country bicycle trip from their small Massachusetts hometown to Seattle, Washington.

Joining Meghan on the trip are Dave, who secretly has a crush on Meghan; and Chris, who has recently been diagnosed HIV positive as the result of a bad decision.

As they plan their journey, a previously unidentified flu breaks out in India, beginning a relentless march around the globe. By the time Meghan and her friends are halfway across the country, the horrible truth is known: this is not a flu virus. This disease turns its victims into flesh-eating zombies. And it’s here.

Scared, exhausted and alone, the three decide to head home in a desperate race through infected territory. Can they survive THE TRIP?

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zombie brian

by: Stephen Hunt

zombie brian

Brian was featured in a 30 minute documentary about the 2010 Asbury Park Zombie Walk. A trailer for the movie can be viewed at:

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Zombie Pin-up

by: Shaleea Nutter

bloody zombie pin-up

I love editing my own photo’s and i finally found out how to make it zombiefied! So I took some pin-up photos and zombiefied them!

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Family Splatters

by: Mitch Spaulding II

Family Zombies

My 4 year old niece wanted to be a zombie for Halloween because I get dressed up every year. Her wish was my command. I also think it’s safe to say… she did a hell of a job.

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Avoid the Bathrooms

by: Matt Peppler

Avoid the Bathrooms Artwork Inspired by Zombieland

There are rules that need to be followed and if you don’t break them you may survive for a little bit longer. This artwork was inspired by the movie Zombieland and was created by Matt Peppler. See more…

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King & Queen

by: Friend of the King
Crowned King & Queen Zombie

The new reigning King & Queen of Austin Zombie Ball 2012

In the Moody Theater, filled with literally hundreds of zombies, these two were crowned King & Queen of the 2012 Zombie Ball in Austin Texas.

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Long Beach Zombie Walk 2012

by: Mister Hellfire, Long Beach Historical Society

The time honored tradition of the Rising Dead continued this year in Long Beach, CA at the Long Beach Zombie Walk, which lurches into town from 3 to 11 p.m. Saturday, October 27th, moving from Retro Row to the more sprawling locale of Marina Green and Shoreline Village.
Long Beach, CA is known for the 2011 exploit of Michael Jackson inspired Zombie Flash Mob, By night’s end an estimated 14,000 participants had taken over the entirety of the downtown area, breaking local business sales records and all but shutting down traffic for hours. Guinness has yet to officially recognize that a new world record had been set.

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It’s Date Night Again

by: Hattie Cross

I was six when the H1ZI Variant Y zombie plague hit, turing all men into zombies. Well, not ALL men: 99.9999 percent of them. Women were immune because the virus targeted the Y chromosome. I grew up in an entirely human-male-free environment—good luck finding one of the .00001 percent!—so when I was old enough to start dating, I did the only thing available to a contemporary heterosexual female: I went out with zombies.

I am now a zombie-dating expert. You should check out my book, The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies, which will teach you everything you need to know, from how to make your home safe for your boyzomb to what medication to give him to improve his smell.

This is a video I made to help other women overcome their reluctance to date a zombie. I know many people out there don’t get it. They think it’s gross or eww. But it’s no so bad. Zombies are great in a lot of ways. Like, for example, they’ll never promise to call and then not. If you’re a women, you should think about it.

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Just a couple of zombies. No big deal…

by: Breanna beck

Texas Zombies in Irving

This was at the zombie walk in Irving Tx 2010

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